For Astrea


I’ve never told anyone this, but I almost passed you up. I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I didn’t know if I had it in me. Losing Sancho after just five months was almost too much. I didn’t know if I could do it again. What if I couldn’t love another dog the way I loved him? I was heartbroken and scared, but those perfect little eyebrows told me I had to give you a chance. From the moment I met you I knew Sancho sent you to me. The way you nuzzled your face into my hair and were perfectly content in my arms, I knew you were at home with me.

I felt so guilty at first. There were still so many nights that I cried about Sancho. I was afraid you and I wouldn’t connect, but it was those nights that made me realize how perfect you were. There were those nights where you knew I just needed to cry and you were happy to cuddle with me until I was done. Other nights, I couldn’t help but laugh the way you jumped on me and licked the tears off my face. You motivated me to get up and get out. Before I knew it I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

I’ll be honest, I never saw myself as a ‘dog person.’ If someone would have told me one day I’d be getting misty eyed while writing a letter to my dog, I would have told them they were crazy. But here I am, with you curled up at my side. So what I really want to say is this – I hope you understand how much fun I have playing with you. And how thankful I am that you forgive me when I get mad. How much I appreciate your over the top welcome when I come home from work. How happy I get when you act like a puppy and sleep with your face buried in my hair. But mostly I just hope you know how much I love you.

Thank You For Loving Me Back.


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