Dear Mason,

Dear Mason,

I fell in love with you based on the emails I received about you from the volunteer at the shelter. When I saw you in your crate at adoption day, I knew you were the one for me and all my fears about bringing home a new dog were erased. I loved you the minute I laid eyes on you, and that love grows stronger every day.

Yours is the first face I look for when I wake up (don’t tell your dad). When I see that tail wagging and that look of excitement on your face, it gives me a reason to get out of bed.

Every time I feed you a meal, give you a treat, pick up your squeaky or grab your leash, you act like you’ve just won the lottery. It gives my life purpose to see you so happy. I don’t know what your life was like the years before you came to me, but I promise you will never be homeless again.

You are everything I wanted and more. When you roll over and want me to pet your belly, it makes my heart melt. When you nuzzle your kitty sister, it makes me feel like we are a family. When you growl at her and try to get her to play with you (which she never does), I admire your dogged (pun intended) persistence. When I come home from a long day, you greet me with such eager anticipation that it makes me feel like a movie star on the red carpet. You never have a bad day and you are always happy to see me.

If you were able to read this, I imagine you would be thinking “Treat! Treat! Treat! Walk! Walk! Squeaky! I love you too, Mama”.


  1. Jim says:

    If he would just stop barking at Dad… :-) I still love him too!!!!!

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