Dear Dakota (a goofy and adorable people dog),

Dakota. What can I really saw about you?

In 2008 I was volunteering at an animal shelter. I fell in love with pretty much every dog I walked. After finally convincing my mom that we should get a dog, I put in an adoption application. Once my application was approved, I got a call from the woman who runs the shelter. They had just gotten the perfect dog in for me! YOU!

Enter Dakota-a skinny, goofy looking, Husky/German Shepherd dog. You instantly won my heart and even managed to win over my mom. I brought you home that day and you instantly felt at home, even snagging a spot on my bed. Apparently you were too good for the dog bed on the floor. You also decided you were too good for the food they fed at the shelter, and refused to play with any of the toys you had while there.

You quickly became my best friend. You went everywhere with me and I was rewarded by your ‘smiling face,’ face licks, and nightly cuddling. You tilt his head when I talk, get excited to ‘go to grandma’s, ‘let kids do whatever they want, love kittens (and even carry them to different rooms), and even accepted our foster dog. Your personality is distinct. You’re loving, caring, mischievous, hilarious, energetic, entertaining, friendly, and my loyal companion.

When you first came home with me you were only 1/½ years old. You’re almost 5 now and still as energetic as the day I brought you home. You make everyone smile and you’ve even been called ‘the coolest dog in the neighborhood.’ The neighborhood kids call you a K9 and always run to come play with you. You’re my little boy and I wouldn’t change you for the world.

Love Always and Forever,
Mom (Kandyce)


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