Dear Cyrus and Lady,

Cyrus and Lady…

I will write how you came into my heart while you are still with us as I do not think that I will be able to do this later.

One day Brook came home from the pet shop and was wildly excited and begged me to go with her and see this dog that looked exactly like Caliya and that his owner a young man about 18 years old desperately needed to find him a home because his mother would no longer allow him around her little dog who he no longer got along with and he was 4 months old now and bigger than him.
I looked all over the pet shop and I did not see a Caliya look-alike and that is when Brook made me aware that she made it up because she knew that I would not go with her any other way. You are yellow and Caliya is red and look nothing like each other.

With a heavy shrug of my shoulders I opened the pen you were in and sat on the floor and you won me over with your sweetness and then your Daddy explained that you had been born in Berkeley California and that your mother had too many pit bull puppies and that a girl and your Daddy volunteered to each take a puppy and bottle feed them.

Your Daddy had been shuffling you between his friends and you chewed everything at their homes and where no longer welcomed so the pet shop agreed to let you stay there while your Daddy looked for a new home. Your Daddy told me that he would live on the street with you before he ever took you to the pound.

I told him that we would take you home with us on 1/4 acre property and that you would have a good home. Brook drove the truck as I held you in my lap as I watched your Daddy crying and you became very anxious as we drove off and you realized that we where leaving him behind which impressed me because you where only 4 months old.

The very next day I went back to give your Daddy my phone number and address and told him that he could visit you anytime and that if he was able to take you again then I would be glad to give you back as I knew that he had no choice but to find you another home and that he was heart broken. He told me that he could smell you on his pillow and he started crying and he said he was happy that he went to “girls” because he was scared that someone would “fight” you.
I never heard from him again and some months later I went in and asked about him and his co-worker said that he could not visit you because it would have been hard for both of you and that he had joined the military and hinted that he and his Mom where not getting along and made a little reference to him being forced to give you up.

Well after a year of loving you I hoped that he never came back because I would have been challenged to keep my promise to him and that issue was never tested but I knew you belonged to HIM but you loved me and Mr. deeply and had bonded with Caliya and you now had a new family. It has been 11 years now and you adore us and WE belong to YOU.

After I lost Caliya you grieved your sister as deeply as we did and the three of us held tightly together you, me and Mr. as we tried to survive our loss. Thank you baby boy for taking care of lady and Mr. and it has been 4 years now since we lost Caliya and you have been a tremendous joy to us and we love you with all of our hearts. You helped me get through my darkest days and gave me the reason to get up. I love you Cyrus.


  1. Charles Padilla says:

    Dearest Denise and handsome Cyrus … just wanted to tell you what a beautiful letter you wrote. I know you love Cyrus with every beat of your heart. Thank You for sharing Cyrus with me .. and also your beloved Caliya who is now watching over you all. Hugs my friend.

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