Dear Brewdog,

Brewster, the minute I saw you at the pound fell in love. You looked like my favorite stuffed animal when I was little. And, you looked so tiny in that big cage. I had to wait two days to get you…and it was a long wait.
I brought you home and realized you were MUCH larger than you looked in that big cage. But, you were mine and you were adorable and you were perfect.

I wanted company and you were great. Then my mom got sick and you were the best puppy and comfort a person could ever ask for.

Through the ups and downs of mom being sick and ultimately losing her…you were always there to cuddle and talk to when I got scared or sad.

Now, you are gone and the past few months without you have been as hard as losing any important person in my life. I still miss you EVERYday and wish you were here. Your dad and Brian miss you too. We got a new dog, but he’s not you.

I know you are in a place with no puppy pain keeping my mom company, and that makes me happy. But, I want you to know that I still love and miss you.


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