Dear Buddy,


Buddy was the most powerful but humble Rottweiler I have ever known. He was my friend and a very important part of my live; He taught me so much, He gave me a reason for waking up in the morning, someone to talk with, someone that was always happy to see me, and that always put a smile on my face to know that he truly loved me. I will always love you Buddy.

The first time I saw Buddy. He caught my eye because he had great presence about him., he came over to me like he knew me all his life. He was skinny and still a little too small for his age . He was in need of a home and someone that would love him and he wanted to love someone back , but mostly he needed someone he could always trust and depend on and in return he would give all he had and more for you.

You see Buddy seemed to come into my life when I found myself alone for the first time, my sons had moved and started there own life’s, and well I was lost not knowing what to do with myself. Buddy was abused and scared. When he stepped out of the truck he came right to me, leaned on me. When I looked into his eyes something told me we needed each other, and we did. For the last 3 years Buddy as been right by my side, sleeping next to me at night and waiting by our bedroom window for me to come home from work . He would meet me at the door with his toy in his mouth. Did not matter if I was coming home from work or just walking out front door to come in the back, he let me know he was happy to see me and I was him. Buddy became everything and anything to me my world and still is. I knew in my heart that Buddy could not live forever, he was having more and more seize-rs and they were lasting longer on each one he had. This was killing me seeing him like this, my Buddy would never be the same dog. Not wanting to let go of him was selfish of me, Loving him more I let him go. I am so proud that I actually had the opportunity to have a incredible loving dog like Buddy.

Some of the best moments in my life revolved around my Rottweiler Buddy. Wow did I have fun w/him…I feel I loved my dog with all I had and he did the same for me, he brought me so much joy and happiness, my life will never be the same, I will never forget him. I am so proud and happy that God brought us together and for the time he gave me with Buddy, I know one day I will see him again, and honesty, I can’t wait .

I still talk to Buddy, every night and I tell him how much I love him and miss him.

Passed on December 2, 2011


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