A Love Letter to Chase

Dear My Handsome Mr. Chase,

Thank you for coming into my life when you did. Thank you for letting me love you and take care of you, you have made my life better in so many ways. I know your grammy and poppy thought I was being foolish when I decided to get a puppy in college but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. You were such a good friend to me then, helping me study for tests and write papers, watching over me after a few crazy nights out and helping me nurse a broken heart. You also helped me heal when I lost my cat, Cinny. It was unexpected and I would have been so sad and lonely without you in my life.

Thank you for being a great big brother to your canine sister, Chloe, and your feline siblings, Caysee, Champ and Carlos. I know Chloe can be annoying but she loves you so much and the cats do have fun running circles around you! Thank you for accepting my husband. I know it was you, Chloe and I in the beginning, but after I met Matt, getting married was the next step. We have a great little family now and Matt loves all of you so much.

Chase, I’m so sorry that you have diabetes now. I know it isn’t fun getting insulin shots and spending time at the vet for blood glucose curves. I appreciate how good you are about all of it. I’m so sorry for those days you don’t feel well, I wish you could tell me so I could do anything to help. I’m also sorry that I get frustrated when you don’t eat at times, I wish I could explain to you how important it is for you to eat when you get your insulin and that I am just stressed and worried about you.

Thank you for the adorable things you do that make me laugh and smile, for always wanting to snuggle in laundry fresh from the dryer, for bringing a rope toy to bed every night, for LOVING to play fetch and for having toys all over the house at all times. These are the memories I have when I think of you. Thank you so much for being my baby.

Love You Always,



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