Dear Paco (Your the best medicine to me),

Dear Paco,

I can’t believe the chance I was given when you walked by at the humane society with another potential owner. How lucky we were that you didn’t choose them but chose our family and pets to live with. I am sorry for your old family and what they must be missing in their lives not having you there. I was so worried that you would leave and continue being an escape artist at our home too. So glad you have never left my side even though you can jump the fence to get to me anytime you want

There is no cure for my multiple sclerosis and no way to reverse my balance problems. You are the best medicine in the world to make each and every moment of my day better considering the challenges I am faced. The way you look up at me at my every move to make sure I am safe and your wagging tail every time I look at you makes me feel so loved. I dread the day you are not there and feel a lump in my throat just thinking about it.
I love all my pets passionately but you are truly the smartest, most loving. loyal and sweet dog I have ever known.
I am so proud to be your owner and feel truly blessed each and every day God gives me with you. My children and husband feel the same and we will never forget the gift you have given us as long as we live.
Now lets get off the bed and let you help me go for a hike down to the beach and look at the seagulls. I don’t feel well but I know you will do your best to get me there in one piece. I know its not much but I know it makes you happy and I don’t now any other way to repay you for your kindness to me.

I love you Paco,


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