Dear Dukey, Dani, Mozart, Flower, Lola, Joey, Ziggy, Shiloh, Chip, Chloe and Max,


You are my shining stars at night, filling my skies with so much love. You are my bright sunshine all day long keeping me happy wherever I go and in whatever I do. Your hugs and kisses make my world a special place, a happier place and a safer place. You are my angels sent from heaven. When I talk to you, I always wish and hope that you can understand me. Every single day I keep wishing you could talk to me and tell me what’s on your minds. You don’t speak in words, yet you each have your own special way of communicating with me and we have our own secret language. You tell me when you want a kiss, a hug, a tummy rub, just want to be picked up and held or just want to sit in my lap.

Dukey, you were the first to be welcomed into our home when you weren’t even 8 weeks old. I remember how lethargic and so sickly you appeared and I honestly didn’t think you would make it through the night. As each day went by, you grew stronger and in no time, WOW, such a cute personality. Danielle (Dani) would come over to play with you or you would go to visit her. Within a couple of months, Dani’s owner asked us to watch Dani until she could make arrangements to take her back. Well, it ended up that for you (Dani) this became your permanent home because your owner wasn’t able to take you back. You and Dukey have been the old timers here and have made the adjustments to each new baby that has joined the family. Next came Mozart. You were the runt of a litter and so tiny that Dukey and Dani weren’t very nice to you. Well, I figured out a way to fix your sadness and fear…two days later, I went to get your sister Flower and the happiness and excitement that you two shared is a memory that still brings a big smile to my face. Ever wonder where your names came from? Well, before you arrived, I was such a huge fan of Meerkat Manor. You two are the “twirly twins”, the ones who spin and twirl when you play and chase each other. The next one to join the family was Lola. Your owners were leaving the state and you just didn’t trust anyone and even slept on my chest every night for the first week that you were here. It took many months before you showed your playful and sweet personality. Now Joey, you came from a home that said they “couldn’t wait to get rid of you”. The first night you were here, Dukey bonded with you and I knew you were a keeper and that this is where you will live forever. At your first vet visit, you were heartworm positive and I knew right away that getting the treatment would be a #1 priority. The vet said it was so bad and no guarantees that you would make it through the treatment but you came through just fine. It ended up that you had to suffer through 2 cycles of the treatment but I cried those tears of joy when the vet finally gave the “all clear”, that the heartworms were gone! Ziggy, you are the gecko and fly hunter. Always chasing after them and doing your best to eliminate them. You know how much I hate touching geckos, but I’m the one who has to pick them up after you leave them in the yard. Your owner said she “didn’t have the time for you” but I knew you’d make a great addition to our family. Shiloh, Chip and Chloe…you are Lola’s precious miracles. When your mommy Lola had 5 puppies, the plan was that everyone would go to good homes but in the end, we kept the 3 of you because as each day went on, you were too bonded and it tore me apart to think of splitting you up. It still amazes me…how the 3 of you, from the same litter be so different in size. Shiloh, you are the gentle giant at almost 20 pounds, with Chip at 8 pounds and Chloe at 5 pounds. You are the large, medium and small kids of the family. Last but not least, we have Maxwell. Your previous owners still love and miss you so much but they asked us to take you in. I feel like you are my bodyguard, following me everywhere I go.

Watching you play is so much like watching children at a playground…chasing each other and racing across the yard, jumping on each other or just sitting next to each other and relaxing. Sometimes you have your little fights, but hey, we all have our good and bad days. I love watching you play with your food and toys…your lack of coordination is so precious, trying to hold on to a toy with your little paws or throwing a single piece of dog food up in the air and then running after it. When I’m feeling sick or lazy, you are always right there beside me and you always seem to understand how and what I am feeling. You show me respect and compassion with more love than any human being can offer.

You are the first ones I see in the morning and the last ones I see at night.

You know that with me, YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND. You are my LIFE AND BREATH. You are the WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. LOVE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY and you have shown me that each and every single day. To have you IN THIS LIFE, MY HEART WILL GO ON with all of the MEMORIES of you. I WILL ALWAYS THINK ABOUT YOU and I’LL REMEMBER YOU. Please always remember the TIMES OF YOUR LIFE. Our time together is so PRECIOUS AND FEW.





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