Dear Ralphie and Elliott,

Would you believe in a love at first sight?…

Thank you for making my life better. It was fate that we met. I will never forget seeing that little black puppy who was missing the fur around his eyes from mange, twice returned to the shelter for being sick. You healed a broken heart when Labby crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Ralphie. I never thought I could love another dog the way that I did him.

Thank you both for proving me wrong. Ralph, you were the first dog I saw in both shelters we visited and the one I couldn’t forget. Holding you in my arms when I adopted you, I told you I would love you forever. You were shaking the whole car ride home, until you got home and realized you were the king of the house. You were my first shelter dog. I decided to volunteer at the shelter that kept you safe until I found you because all of your friends there were so wonderful. After a year someone very special caught my eye. That is where I met your brother Elliott, the only little dog fast asleep in a loud, busy kennel. That is because he is deaf. But Elliott, you didn’t seem to mind, heck you got the best sleep in the joint. So, I took you home to foster and help with your sign language. The first night here you tripped coming up the front steps. But the night you came home Elliott, you little heartbreaker, I knew I could not give you back. I think you sweetly fell asleep in the pile of laundry on purpose. It worked, we adopted you the next day. Through Ralph’s surgeries and Elliott’s epilepsy I learned what bravery looks like. You both have gone through a lot and never once complained instead you always have a tail to wag or a face to kiss. You two little boys are the best thing that has ever came into my life. Humans can learn a lot from dogs. You are both pure, genuine and kind…not to mention pretty adorable and fun. I love you now and always, Ralphie and Elliott!



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