Dear Tucker,

My Dear Tucker:

You are the 3rd dog that has “rescued” me and I think the most special. You had a rough start in life; I think your original person tried to make you a hunting dog – but you did not like loud noises, your little front teeth on the bottom were ground down and you were evidently shot as you had buckshot still inside you. Unfortunately you were high heartworm positive when he surrendered you. A wonderful lady at the shelter saved you from euthanization, got you heartworm treatment and looked for a good home for you.

It was 4 months since we lost our 15 year old husky/lab named Snow and I saw you on the internet.

Needless to say dear sweet Tucker, after we met, we knew we belonged to you and so you came to your last home.

I know you came into our lives at that time for a reason – you helped us heal from the loss of Snow; you helped us through some rough times and we loved you so very much.

Unfortunately just 2 short years later, the heartworm had taken a toll on your wonderful big heart and you died in our arms on a sunny July morning..

As I sit here and write this letter to you Tucker, with tears streaming down my face, I want to tell you that we miss you so very much – I miss coming home and rubbing your belly; I miss you climbing into bed at night and sleeping with us; I miss your kisses and taking you for a walk.

It has been four months without you my sweet baby boy and my heart aches so much – I’m so sorry we couldn’t save you but I know that we will be together again some day. Thank you Tucker for all you did for us – God speed my special boy – I love you.

You will be forever in our hearts.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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