Dear Sassy Dog (the Sassiest dog I know),

To my dearest Sassy Dog,

You’re Daddy and I moved just so we could get a dog. We didn’t know what kind of dog we wanted, and it looked for a long time. Then, one day, Daddy went to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. He called me at work to say he found a great dog, and her name was Sassy.

The first thing you did when we met was jump up on my lap and brought my whole dress up with you. We wanted to change your name to Abby, but after that, we knew Sassy fit.

It hasn’t been easy. You are our first dog. You were bred, beaten, abandoned, and scared – so, so scared. We both have made mistakes, and Daddy has the scars to prove it. But you have taught us so much about love, patience, hope, and forgiveness.

The best part of my day is seeing your face when I come through the door. I love watching you learn and solve problems. You are so smart!! It has only been two years. You are learning to trust us, and I hope someday soon you will ask for a belly rub willingly. I will never ever give up on you, because I know you will never ever give up on us. I love you with all my heart, and I look forward to our many years to come.

With all the love I have,


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