Dear My Vin,

Dear Vin,

Our family was heartbroken and the house was too quiet after our girl Mooch died at nearly 16 years of age. Still, we were going to wait a few months before finding another shelter dog that would love us as much as she did. So much for plans…

When I saw you at the shelter after a volunteer meeting, I knew you were special and tried to find a home for you (just not OUR home.) But when I learned that you were to be euthanized for being a pit bull pupply diagnosed with kennel cough, I could not let that happen. We DID NOT WANT an 7-month old, 54 pound, untrained, unsocialized pit bull puppy, but you did your best to convince us otherwise. You are truly our diamond in the rough with a brilliance that sparkled in your smiling face, happy eyes, and wiggling rear end. You make us all smile, and even better, you bring smiles to everyone we meet on walks in the neighborhood. Thank goodness I listened to my heart, and more importantly, that I listened to you letting me know that you were the one. I thank you for a surprise-filled 7 months and and look forward to even more fun to come!

love, your person Allyn


  1. Nat says:

    What a gorgeous dog!

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