Dear My Greedy Beagle,

Each day you continue to baffle me with your intelligence & cunning! Just when I think you have me trained you do something new to completely outsmart me & make me look like a fool. Yes, I am talking about protecting the trash drawer in my kitchen from your prying jaws & short arms that you have learnt to pull open & get to the food scraps. I started to wedge my chair in front so you couldn’t pull out the drawer, & now you have learnt to simply push the chair away! Yes, you have outsmarted me. So, this round is yours while I work on a new strategy!

Very early you figured out that our new dog, an English Pointer could be tricked into giving up his food if you distracted him enough. You realized that this dog like you had a single-minded obsession; whereas yours is food, his is chasing birds. When I put food in your bowls, you quickly ‘inhale’ your meal & then rush to the French doors barking so as to distract our Pointer! And sure enough, he falls for this trick every single time, by leaving his food & rushing to the door to see if there is a bird to be chased. In a heart-beat you are at his bowl chomping down his food while I am still trying to process this in my mind. By the time I’ve realized your devious ploy & rush to stop you; you have already eaten half his dinner! If we didn’t love you to death we would have given you up a long time ago!

Are you a toddler in the guise of a Beagle? You walk into my bedroom at bedtime, ready to make yourself comfy on the love-seat. You re-arrange the cushions & unfold the blanket that is on it. It is almost as if you are getting your bed ready & finally you curl your little body up under the blanket & sigh! God forbid if my husband happens to be sitting on the couch doing paperwork when you approach. You will stand politely in front of him & stare, compelling him to move. And if he doesn’t comply, you will approach me & look toward the couch with beseeching eyes. I have no choice but to ask my husband to vacate the couch because you are ready to sleep on it!


  1. Isva says:

    So cute! Hahaha

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