Dear Lady (My Brown Eyed Girl),

Dear Lady,

From the moment I saw you trip over your own little basset ears, I knew I loved you. Never had a seen a more adorable face and such enormous paws for a puppy. I know dogs are smart, but I seriously considered renaming you to Ms. Houdini after awhile. By the time I found and fixed the way you got out of our fenced yard, you were already plotting your next journey…thankfully the pound was on their toes so I could go get you. Not even 6 months old yet and you had been to the big house 3 times!

I watched as you grew…long and wide :). I watched as you got even smarter than before. Never have I seen a dog who wasn’t part of a k-9 unit, operate solely on silent hand commands until you. With that hound nose of yours, I’m surprised you listen to me at all when we’re out.

Thank you for going with me on the semi truck when I know it wasn’t your cup of tea. It wasn’t up to you I realize but even still, I think you would’ve chosen to go than to stay home.

You know up until I heard of Cesar Millan, things were a lot different with us. Sometimes, I see you trying to go back to your old ways, where you were the leader and made all the choices. It has been a long road, a very long road in fact, with your strong will, but lady honey, I promise you, this is the better way to live, with me leading. It’s been so hard at times, I’m sure in the past, you’ve sensed I’ve been at my last nerve with you when you’ve displayed yet again, you are running the house, but I just want you to know, as hard as it gets, I will not give up, I will not fail you. You will live the life you deserve to live, you have my word. Thank you for all your unconditional love. I believe just like Cesar, we don’t always get the dog we want, but we always get the dog we need. Thank you for teaching me to have even more patience than I already had and to live a more calm life. I’ve had you for almost 9 energetic years now and I hope to have you for 9 beautiful more. Te amo, con todo mi corazon Ladybugs, Love Always, Mom.


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