Dear Jake, my gentle giant…

Jake oh my Jake. My best friend and love of my life. I had no idea when I met you that you would change my life so much. You were a 7 and a half pounds, 6 week old baby when I brought you home. I remember I met you at Adopt-a Pet, from the humane society and you weren’t what I was looking for. I wanted an older calm dog. They said you were a terrier mix and would only get to 35 lb. But when I held you and you nuzzled into me, that was it. You were mine and I was yours.

I couldn’t take you home that night and putting you back into the crate was the hardest thing. All your brothers and sisters had been adopted and you were alone in the crate, looking so small and lonely in that big cage. I thought about you all night and had to go back and bring you home. Now you’re a 90 pound Irish Wolfhound/terrier mix giant who I can’t live without. I love watching you run and play and roll in the backyard. At 9 years old, you still know how to give me the puppy eyes to get what you want. I love that when I’m stressed or sad, you always come and sit with me, laying your head on my lap or just resting gently next to me. I love you so much, my baby. You are wise and you are funny and you are sweet. And you welcomed Maisy and Joey in the house, even if you weren’t certain about having two other dogs around.

It’s because of you, Jacob Isaiah, that I now work with dog rescue. Loving you opened up a whole new world for me and because of you, so many other animals have been saved. I may not have been looking for you but you were looking for me. I am so glad you chose me and that we found each other. I never knew I had this much love in me. We are a family, my precious boy.

Your Patti


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