Dear Schoodle Bug,

Dear Tucker,

Tucker LaRue, Bug, Bug Dog, Little White Dog, Schnoodle, Schnoodle Bug, and Doug, all these nicknames that we have given you and you answer to all of them! You are so smart, and you have changed my life in so many positive ways.
When I decided to get a dog, (One that would fit in a dog purse was my original intention. I know, I know, don’t laugh okay?) I had no idea that it would open my heart and allow me to find the human love of my life, your dad. That’s what happened though and I am so grateful that you chose me that day. You remember, it was cold and rainy and I drove two hours north in a direction I had never driven in my life, and found you in a ‘little house in some big woods’. The lady selling you and your brother and sister put you in my hands, and you snuggled right up under my chin. Grandma kept saying, ‘I like this one.’ speaking of your brother, but I knew that you had already chose me. Since then, you have been my guy.

Taking care of you as a puppy was just like having a baby! Being a person who never wanted to have kids, I never knew the extent that I was willing to go through for someone that I loved so much. The love I felt for you was filled me with joy and helped me develop patience. You even threw up in my hands and I didn’t even gag! I was changing from being loved and loving back in an entirely unselfish way.
Just a few months later your dad and I reconnected, and I firmly believe that had I not opened my heart to you, I wouldn’t have been able to open it to him. Now he loves you just as much as I do! How could he not? Having you has inspired me and I now know deep down inside is to help rescue dogs. One day I will open a dog rescue, named after you of course and work to help other people feel the same type of unconditional, looking up at me with your big soft eyes, greeting me with all sorts of twirls and spins, snuggly love that you give to me, and I feel for you. I look forward to many more years together with you Schnoodle Bug! Your momma loves you!


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