Dear Ruby,

Dear Ruby, I wasn’t looking to adopt a dog when I saw you at the shelter, but it was love at first sight. When I brought you home and you refused to move, make eye contact or eat I was at a loss. I had no idea what to do to make you feel comfortable and let you know you had found your forever home.

It took a while, but you once you figured it out there was no stopping you. And now you are the perfect dog- I can take you anywhere, introduce you to anyone or any other animal and you use your best manners. You don’t even know how many people have said to me, “I want a dog, but I want her to be just like Ruby.”

What you don’t know, Ruby, is that without you my life would be much different and much darker. Bringing you into my life gave me the courage to leave an abusive relationship that I had been stuck in for years. There were days when I’m not sure I would have gotten of bed, much less out the door without you there. Whenever I felt like I couldn’t go on, you and I would take a walk. You have no idea how those walks kept me sane. I can only hope that my love and loyalty to you is a fraction of that which you have shown me.

Thank you, Ruby, for showing me unconditional love and helping me learn to trust again. Each day is brighter because I can wake up to your beautiful face.



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