Dear Pepper, My Christmas Miracle…

Pepper sweetie,

I still remember the day I found you on the adoption forum. It was on Christmas eve, 2009, at around 11.45. I’m sorry you had to spend Christmas alone that year.

I reread your story and looked at your photo for at least an hour that night, and I went back to check if you were adopted at least once a day.We were heartbroken after our first dog’s death and I thought we weren’t ready for another dog, so I put off viewing you. But something was just calling me to you. By the 28, I asked my aunt if we could travel down to view you. We both went on the 29, not expecting anything, and certainly not expecting you to capture our hearts.

The moment I carried you and looked into your eyes, I knew I could never let you go. Leaving you at night to go home and “discuss” almost tore me apart. I can never forget that look of despair and heartbrokenness when you returned to the crate before we left.

Do you remember how grateful and happy you were when you accepted my collar? You were so skinny then, and the collar that was too small for Poppy was perfect for you. I had bought that collar without even knowing that it was meant for you.

Oh Pepper, I won’t deny it. You looked so pitiful and unappealing to look at, but it didn’t matter when the vet told me your bald spots might never grow back.

Back then, my heart hurt every time you flinched when I raised my hand even though I raise it to pet your head and stroke your back. You were so eager to please us that you learnt tricks the moment I showed you how to do them!

I still remember how scared you were the first time you vomited on my bed, afraid that I would scold and hit you. You acted so sick that I was panicking and trying to decide if I needed to rush you to the vet.

When you were attacked earlier this year, I was blubbering because you were so terrified that you were crying and whimpering. I had never seen you so afraid in my life, and I had failed to protect you. Thank goodness I had been vain enough to keep the hair on your ears long and thick, because it protected your ear from being bitten through completely, and only left you with a scar.

My most precious Pepper, you may only be a dog to all my friends, and I a dog fanatic, but you are definitely my daughter and the apple of my eye. You have only been with me for slightly less than two years, but I pray that we will have another twenty together.

Seeing you blossom with health and overflow with joy has brought me unmeasurable happiness. Every morning is made great when I wake up to see your big so-brown-they-are-almost-black eyes staring soulfully into mine. The worst day is nothing when I come home to your little wagging stump of a tail and unstoppable tongue.

With all the love in the world,
Your overly doting mummy


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