Dear Our Orphans,

To all our children (dogs):

They say that a person is never truly whole until they have felt the unconditional love that a dog gives. We know this to be true. You each came to us in different ways but with needs the same. Neglected and unloved, only wanting a friendly hand and soft bed. Kobe when I found you wandering on that highway when you were five months old my heart broke. I thought for sure that you would run in fright but when I knelt down, into my open arms you ran. I wasn’t sure how my husband would feel when I brought you home. You were malnourished and dirty but your sweetness shown through and won him over. Here we are now five years later. My how you’ve grown and what a daddy’s boy you are. I love how you play hide and seek and when you find me you maul me in happiness. So gentle and cuddly, you are our special boy.

Leroy, you were the second orphan to brighten our lives. It was my sister that rescued you from the pound but you found your way to us in the end. From the moment you were born you knew not of love. For three years your owners chained you up and forgot you. If the neighbor hadn’t snuck you food and water I’m sure that you wouldn’t be with us today. At times in can be difficult to work through your food aggression but we understand that it isn’t your fault. We just need to be patient and reassure you that there will never be a time that you go without food and water. Sometimes I think that you are oblivious to all around you and my sore toes couldn’t agree more. You are our lovable goof that always finds a way to get into trouble.

Last is Kaylee, our third orphan and my baby girl. You came to us from my mother after she rescued you from the pound. You were so timid and aggressive towards the other dogs. I don’t know what troubles are in your past but you need never worry of them again. It’s been almost a year now and you have grown out of your shell into such an amazing dog. You love to play with your brothers and have even begun to play with toys. You constantly seek affection and whenever I take a break you paw my hand and pull it towards you. Or when I try to type on my laptop you place your head on my hands and squish them on the keyboard. If you had your way I would have to hold and pet you 24/7. I will always try my best to fulfill that wish.

You are all such a special part of our lives now. We couldn’t imagine a second without you. You bring comfort to us and never judge us for our faults. When we are sad and can’t seem to pick ourselves up you are there with noses cold and eyes so warm. There are times when we are frustrated and our voices begin to rise but you are patient. You forgive us and teach us that anyone can make mistakes. You didn’t know that it was wrong to get in the garbage or to dig the hole in the yard. We know this now. We teach each other to grow through our love and kindness. We have so many years ahead of us and knowing that we have you three by our sides brings us nothing but joy. We love you all so much more then mere words can express. You are truly our children.

Love Mom & Dad


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