Dear Our Boxers… Bella and Harley (RIP)

Dear Bella & Harley (RIP- 11/27/11),

This is the first time that I have put Bella’s name first, Harley was our first boxer baby, but she is our only living boxer now. However, I cannot just address her, so this is to both of you, my boxer babies…

Bella: You are our rescue girl, our little white lady, deaf- with one brown eye, one blue and great snaggle teach and wow are you spunky. You find so many ways to make us smile Bella. You are so gentle with Logan (our 3 year old) and are such a sweet little girl, we are blessed to have gotten you almost 6 years ago.

Harley: Ok, so how do I write this without crying… You were our first baby. We got you at 8 weeks and oh my gosh, you stole our hearts right away. You passed suddenly at just under 7 years old yesterday- from a suprising heart condition. I still cannot believe it Harley. You have been there for every single thing that we have experienced as a family: a new home, new job, pregnancy, Logan’s first steps, smile, everything- you knew about our new baby that is due in January too. You had a way of laying on my belly to feel her and to make sure that she knew that you were there waiting for her. I am so sad that you won’t get to meet her Harley but you have to know that our MUTUAL unconditional love will never end…. I close my eyes and see you giving me a great big kiss, playing with your rope toy, wagging your nub tail, laying on my lap like the 65 pound lap dog you were. :) I can see you doing all of your wonderful things over and over – i need that to give me peace my angel. You were taken too soon and our hearts are broken now, so all we can do is live in the memory of you LIVING not the moments of you passing. Bella, your friend is trying to help with that. I know much you loved her and we love her that much as well. You were so different, so special in your own ways…

We just want one more day to hold you in our arms and to feel your love around us, the memories will NEVER fade and you will always have a place in our hearts and in our home Harley. I still cannot believe it….

Until we meet at the rainbow bridge again, my angel… I will cherish every memory of you.

Bella and Harley- I LOVE YOU BOTH more than words can even describe.

Love Mommy (Melissa)


  1. Jay Oborn says:

    Hello Melissa, Mike, Logan and Bella
    I am so sorry for your recent loss of sweet Harley. I’ve had 10 Boxers and feel your pain with losing your precious baby. Our last one lived til 12 yrs w/many health issues including cardio myopathy. I’m sure that’s what struck Harley. But Koji lived with it for 6 years on medication and many treats to get him to stay calm so he wouldn’t collapse. Our neighbors had a beautiful big brindle named Teddy who we found on our front lawn one day and reunited him w/his owners. He died suddenly at 7 yrs old too of the disease and they are heartbroken. All I can say is, shed your tears for many days to come and eventually you’ll be able to smile vs crying when you think of Harley and remember all the good times. We have 2 boxers, Taisho & Parker, 7 and 6 1/2 and they rule our lives. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope each day brings all of you more peace and comfort and Bella will no doubt help you through this rough time. Best, Jay & Scot Oborn

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