Dear Nike – My True Goddess of Victory,


  1. Dawn Coleman says:

    Animals are amazing. Bless your beautiful soul Nike!

  2. Lindsay says:

    This made me cry! What a beautiful tribute to your amazing dog!

  3. Kim says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. :)

  4. Allison M.J. Brooks says:

    Can’t even begin to convey to you how much this has touched my Very Soul … I too have a GSD so much like your Nike – My Steely Ann is my Heart & Soul. My Everything!

    I Pray for you & your Nike ~ and I will hope for her to transition well to the Forever Life – Softly leaving you when she’s ready, and awaiting your arrival – to meet again and be together as God Intends.

    While reading your Letter, I began to cry immediately, and knew right away that your Dog just had to be a German Sheperd … there is no other like them. The Loyalty to the End. The Tremendous Want for Life is unmatched by any other Breed I know of.
    Nike’s need to carry on is because of you !! She ‘feels your need’ for him and so she continues on regardless of pain or troubles.

    I know this because my Steely Ann does the same for me. She is nearly 12 now and has recently suffered a broken leg with all the Dignity of a Diplomat – and She has come through and healed against ALL ODDS, and has done so for me – She also suffers with Arthritis and Dermititis ( nothing nearly as devastating as your Nike, I grant you, but still uncomfortable for her, nontheless. ) She was also a Victim of Neglect & Abuse when I Rescued her. Trust me … Nike is forever grateful to you, as is Steely Ann to me. Their Loyalty is Limitless – there is nothing they won’t do to Love us in Return. As you can clearly see.

    Poor things – They have no way for us to help them understand why they are hurting – it’s so sad :(

    Anyway – I simply wanted to let you know that your letter touched my Heart deeply. I hope your last days with Nike are Long and Memorable and seem to Never End …

    God Bless Both of You ~
    Prayers -

    • rory barish says:

      Wow…and this made me cry. Nike passed away Thanksgiving and it has been so difficult but comforting, reading wonderful comments such as yours and the others. Bless you and Steely Ann (love he name).

  5. Carey says:

    What a wonderful girl. Her story made me cry.

    • rory barish says:

      Nike touched so many in life as she still does in death (she passed away Thanksgiving.) Thank you for acknowledging my Angel.

  6. Kristy says:

    Your hardships between you and your dog have shown true inspiration that with two you can become ONE. And I feel that after reading your story, you and NIKE were made for each other in Heaven long before the two of you ever met. Your story not only made me cry with the most heavy heavy but there is no doubt that your “Letter to Nike” should be published in the book. It has touched my heart and I’m sure many others. I would love for you to take a look at my story….Read about the only Australian Cattle Dog on this site…Taz. Good luck and God Bless

    • rory barish says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words and acknowledgement of my Nike girl. I love what you wrote about us being made for each other in Heaven long before we met. I do believe that is true. I hope that we reunite when it is my time, never to be parted again. I miss her so, since she passed away on Thanksgiving. I loved that girl with every fiber of my being.

      And how special is Taz! What a great dog….although I hate saying dog because these special kids of ours are simply that..our kids and not just dogs! Taz is your Angel, devoted, loyal and loving. God Bless the two of you.

  7. michael says:

    Nike indeed was a special soul mate and inspirational life force that touched many who saw her courage and love for Rory. Rory you were so lucky to meet and care for such an noble being as Nike and I know she is watching over you still. I wish you the strength to continue your walk through life with the dignity and elan that Nike did throughout her life.

    • rory barish says:

      Thank you so much. What an inspirational life force she was and will always be. She was so noble and regal and I miss her every day. I hope that she will continue to give me the strength to continue my walk, as you say, as it is a tough walk now without her.

  8. Mark Ostrom says:

    I believe that dogs have some of the best souls in all creation, many better than a human. Nike was no exception. Nike was full of life and love, and she got plenty of it in return. The love that she had for her mother was perpetual and was the main pillar of her strength. Rory could not have asked for a better child, and Nike a better mother. You were both so lucky to have had each other, and I feel lucky to have known her and been kissed by her. Bless you Rory. I hope time will mend your heart soon.

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