Dear My Sunshine,

I was so Blessed the day a friend asked if I knew anyone that would like a Basset puppy. I didn’t even hesitate – your owners were going to take you to the shelter. No way – my shelter it will be.
We have had many mistakes, but most of all many, many hours of pure unconditional LOVE. You look at me when I talk, and tilt that head just right to melt me. When you run – your lips and ears are flapping in the wind, don’t know why you don’t knock yourself silly. But then again, your already silly.
The time the cat caught a wee little mouse, and it was still alive, you layed beside it and kept nudging it w/your nose, wanting it to play. Then you started talking to it. Guess you thought it was just taking a nap – but alas, it finally passed on. I had to take it away.
The time you kept the neighbors awake because a possuum was on the back fence, and you were determined to get that thing down.
No dog big or small is any enemy to you Abby – you love one and all. You especially love those rubs behind the ears, and you start moaning. Geesh..

When I tell you mommy wants a nap, we hop up on the bed, and I have the best power naps.
Not to mention when you are in my lap in the recliner, I am at peace. You’ve given me soooo much Abby – and you are love beyond measure.
Yes, I am truly loved, and know love.
Thank you so much my beloved best friend. Always there w/ a cold nose, a nudge in the shouler, and several kisses whenever you deem it is necessary.


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