Dear Bear…My Shadow,

My friend had you tied to a tree when I first met you, BEAR. I wondered why since she had a fenced yard, also lived in county… You looked so lonesome and I tried to always pet you when I visited her… One day,I asked if I could take you home with me and surprisingly,she agreed… we had 2 dogs but one had died, so the part german shepherd was pining for her lost mate… would cry & call him often. So I took you, “BEAR” home with me … I tied you for 2 days. just while my other dog got to know you… She is older & took to you immediately. After that you & she run loose on our 12 acres, happy as kids at a park… Such a great guard dog & most gentle & loving.

When I am sad or lonesome or scared, You’re right there… When we walk, You are like a shadow by my side. You know how much I love you & I think you adore me because I sprung you from the lonely life you had… I’d love to give every dog a home, but can’t so I do what I can. I hope you will stay with me for the rest of your life. I love you sooo much, your mom


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