Dear My Priceless Treasure Oreo,

Dearest Baby Oreo,

If someone told me three years ago that i would have a dog and i would love it to death, i probably would have sent him/her to a therapy cause i’m scared of dogs (yeah, i know, silly of me). But when a mom of my student mentioned that their dog gave birth, my roommate encouraged me to buy u. I’m warming up to the idea but was apprehensive. You are a Japanese Spitz- Shih-Tzu mixed. I haven’t seen u yet so I called them up and told them i’ll get the black male puppy. The next day, i saw you and fell in love. That big eyes of yours seem to tug something deep within me. You looked like you were wearing a tuxedo. I couldn’t wait to take you home.
Eight weeks after was the start of all the wonderful days with you. I have been so amazed at how smart you are. Some people complained that caring for a puppy is hard, but with you, it has been so easy. I expected you to bark a lot cause you’re parents bark so much and your mom tends to bite, but you’re so sweet and my neighbor can’t even believe that i have a dog. You only bark when there’s a stranger inside the compound or when i’m asleep and someone is at the door.

You are my baby, my best friend.
I remember this one time, I came home crying. I was heartbroken. You look at me with so much understanding, came to my side, nudged my hand urging me to hug you for comfort. You made me realized that i’m not alone. That you love me.
I love the way you make this cute growling sound when i arrived home, showing your impatient that i haven’t hug you right away or the way you run around the room looking for your clothes because we’re going out. People say i tend to spoil you a lot, bringing you on vacation, going out for dinner, yogurt treats and to the mall every Sunday but i want you to be happy. To feel how much mom loves you. Beside you are not spoiled, you’re still this special, smart and sweet dog.
I tend to worry a lot when you get sick. I know i’m such a neurotic mom. But i want to be able to spend a long time with you. We’ve been together for two years now and i want it to last for a long time.
I love you so much. And I hope that you’re happy with me too.



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