Dear My Precious Ponch,

How lucky I have been to have you as my big boy. You are the fifth Saint I’ve had. You were in rescue for a long time before I came across you. What a joy you are! You think you’re still a puppy at 7 years old You were so naughty when you first came to live with me at 3 years old. You chewed up the couch, my mattress, destroyed the Christmas tree and a few other things I won’t mention. But no matter what you did, mom still loved you so much, because you loved me unconditionally.

You became my shadow, following me everywhere around the house and sometimes getting in my way. No doubt about it, you are spoiled so bad. The couch is yours and when you feel like it, the bed too. I’m lucky to get a little piece of bed to share with you, you bed hog. You’re such a good watch dog, always letting me know what’s walking in front of the house-person, dog, or bug!!! I know Saints don’t have a very long life span, but I pray for you each day, that you’ll be well and healthy for a long time. You are so beautiful, funny, sweet, gentle and precious to my heart. I love you more than words can ever tell. You are my heart, my soul. You are mom’s big boy.


  1. Sangeetha says:

    This is the sweetest thing you could have written for dear Ponch. His very special Christmas gift, where his mom flaunts him and tells the world how special he is for her !!
    The beautiful bond that you both share is pretty evident from this letter. No matter what he does, you love him; that’s unconditional love from both sides.
    The picture says it all. I truly pray to God to bless you both with great health, enriching companionship and many more years of blissful bonding !!
    Ponch, i love u to bits, dear big boy.

  2. So great to see another fellow Saint Lover! I will have to put a pic of my boys on here too.. He’s a handsome one!

  3. Carol Brown says:

    I love it and he is soooo beautiful! My rescue dog isn’t quite that big or beautiful but I sure love him. Isn’t life grand with our special “people”!

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