Dear My Maggie,

My Maggie, my bubeleh, the silliest of all the girls, my noble and lovely soul,

You are the dog-love of my life. You decided you were going to be a part of our life when you were just 8 weeks old and those people left you outside by yourself, all night. Did you know there was a crazy dog lady living next door? Because when we found you by the back door, you and I both knew (even if The Boy didn’t at first.) Now you are almost 11. As I write this, you are laying here next to me on the couch with achy hips, a bum liver, and the beginnings of cataracts. You get grumpy with your little sister. But you still love walkies, soccer balls, and digging in places you are not supposed to. I hope you get to enjoy these things as long as is possible. I’m sorry for all the times I was not a perfect human. But know that I love you as unconditionally as you love me. Thank you for being my canine companion and seeing me through the last 10 years.


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