Dear Baby Kramer (My Little Shadow),

To my baby Kramer,

I remember when we came to get you when I was only five years old. I wanted your sister, and I’ll never forget mom saying, “Which one is darker?” I pointed to you, and you were mine from that moment. You put up with my silly games of dress up, and let me brush you every day until your fur was filled with static. You let me hold you like a baby while I watched TV, and you never left my side. I called you my little shadow, and I can’t wait to feel you at my heels again one day.

I could count on you any day. You were a smile and a big hug waiting at the door on my worst of days, and a close cuddle and ear to listen when I needed a friend. You were my teddy bear at night, and I couldn’t sleep without you! I loved your kisses so much, even when dad complained about your stinky breath! It feels like just yesterday you were sleeping right beside me after goodnight kisses, and I wish I could have that just one last time.
You left in such a hurry, and even though no one else saw it coming, I knew you were sick. I’ll never forget laying on my floor with you before school crying because I just knew it was your last day. Missing my senior homecoming was worth being by your side, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You were my best friend, and letting you go was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.
Your death still breaks my heart, and I hope you know that no matter what, you will always be my baby, my angel. Thank you for loving me, and I love you forever right back!


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