Dear Hero,

Dear Hero,

I knew you were mine the moment I picked you up. The other puppies were excited, twirling blonde balls of fur with darting tongues and nipping teeth. Not you. When I picked you up (you were the fifth one) you quietly tucked your gentle head under my chin and relaxed into me. No wriggling, no struggle. You knew what I needed. You always have. I named you Hero that day because you saved me. You saved me from the despair of having lost my beloved Baci just two months prior. You saved me from coming home to a quiet, empty house. You saved me from a cold bed and unwitnessed meals. You saved me.

You are still my Hero. Not because of how much you love me, but because of how much you allow me to love you. I love you without boundaries or measure. I love you more than words can say and with a passion few understand. I love you for allowing me to shower you with unbridled and enthusiastic attention at every opportunity. I love you for never wearying of having your muzzle kissed. I love you for tucking your head into me every time I pull you close for a hug. I love you for coming to me when I call every time because you know I need you. I love you because you believe your job here on earth is to be my constant companion. I love you for doing that job so well.
Hero, my hero, I can never love you enough.


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