Dear Jack,

It was September 1997 when I first saw you. I don’t recall what possessed me to want a Jack Russell Terrier considering all the precautions I’d heard, but then I’ve never been one to blindly believe everything I hear. Regardless, when I first laid eyes on you, it was too late. I was in love.

Actually, you picked me. You left all your playing siblings and proceeded to assault my shoestrings. As of that moment you were ~my~ puppy. But did I stop there? Oh no… I decided you needed a playmate, and brought home your silly, adorable sister, Jill Ann, too.

Certainly we had our challenges over the years, from the virus you apparently came home with that almost took you from me, the rock you swallowed rather than let Jill have it, to your persistence in escaping me and trying to single-handedly attack coyotes! Yes, you’ve caused me a fair amount of veterinary expense as well as gray hair.

You, my angel, weren’t the only troublemaker. Little Miss Jill often egged you on, and had her own dangerous hobby of climbing trees. It was not uncommon to see her joyfully hopping limb to limb. I just knew one day I would find her at the bottom of a tree, having cracked her hard little head.

Life on our small acreage with you two was rarely boring. It was halarious to watch you and the horses engage in a lighthearted game of chase, each taking turns being “it.”

Smaller creatures, however, didn’t enjoy such a harmonious existence. Squirrels, moles, and wild rabbits were routinely terrorized. I still remember the time your “grandmother” babysat you guys so we could go out of town. We didn’t realize she routinely fed her backyard squirrels and she was unaware of your hunting prowess. Needless to say, the carnage was quite disturbing to your grandmother.

We’ve been on this amazing roller-coaster ride together for over 14 years now. We lost sissy Jill last year. It tore my heart out, and your sulked under the bed. I finally brought home a tiny mix-breed fuzz ball to help both of us deal with the void. You came back to life, and have been a wonderful big brother.

You’re becoming frail now, and your hearing and sight are failing. You can’t see me very well now, but when you do your love for me is displayed throughout your entire being. I feel so unworthy of such devotion. I pray you can sense how deeply I love you, and sissy too. I’m dreading the day you must join her and my other precious souls at the Rainbow Bridge.

You are half of a whole that has brought such joy into my life. You and Jill are my little adventurers, hunters, warriors, pillow hogs, and cuddle buddies. There is a large part of my heart that will forever belong to my “twins,”.

I love you, Mom


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