Dear Zipper (My Best Friend),

Dear Zipper,

You are one of thee best dogs anyone could ask for. Sense day one when I got you and your brother Pongo, I had a feeling you were different. Starting with your white toe fur and white stripe on your chest, all the way to your clutzy behavior.

For a Labrador you are such an oaf. Honestly, If you and I were more alike, you would speak English! I have had to bring you to the vet so many times, that you are a regular their and everyone knows your name. Not to mention all the times you chewed, ate or got to things you weren’t suppose to. Lets have a look at just some of the highlights:

—Catch me “presents” (birds, moles, mice, squirrels, etc.)

—Pull a lawn mower out to the middle of the yard and chew the handle.

—Scale a 8 foot fence and skin your neck. P.S Ladies love scars Zippy.

—Chewing on the door frame, deck, and the METAL door.

—Twisting your ankle after getting stuck in the neighbors pond…Didn’t get far did ya? Silly.

—Chew my winning softball.

Just to name a few of the idiotic things you’ve done!

Who will forget the time you had an operation on your front paw and I had to cut out the bottom of a bucket and tie it to your collar, because the vet was out of Elizabethan collars. Oh Buckethead you are too much! No madder how much food you ate you always wanted more! Always thought you would eat yourself sick if I gave you the chance. Not to mention the stones, twigs, deli paper, and other things you have mistaken for food and ate. You must have a belly like a goat!

From about 5 pounds at 8 weeks to 116 pounds at 12 years you’ve chained in appearance, but not mentally. Your still a big ol’ puppy at heart. Even when covered in mud and pond gook, and refusing to take a bath, you were and are my best friend. The one who I told everything to as I grew up, the one who I cried, laughed, and played with, even the one who was always there after having my whole life slowly fall apart. You are my furry brother, hero, friend, companion, and my giant idiot. We have been threw so much together and I hope for so many more!

R.I.P Dad and Pongo

I Love you so much Zip!
Yours truly,


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