Dear My Beloved Westie “Bear”,

Misty Morn’s Teddy Bear
Ap 15-1996 – Nov 25 2011

We went looking for a Westie and out came the litter, five bundles of white fur falling all over each other. But then Bear you raced over to me and would not let me alone and did not want the other pups near.
You picked us out from the very start and there was not choice left for me. You won my heart with your puppy kisses and wiggly little tail. We took you home and your were prefect from the start whether in the car or on the boat.

You cheered Bob when he was sick and when he passed you were there for me to try to fill the void my husband had left. For thirteen more years you were my constant companion flying to California to play in the surf and touring all the places that I went. You never complained and took it in stride.
We went to Florida in September and it was then I noticed you were slowing down. Try as we might when we got home nothing seemed to perk you up until finally the day after Thanksgiving I knew it was time to let you go. Now you are playing with Bob and no longer in pain.
I loved you my Bear and will miss you forever. Please watch over me and any puppy I might have.

Love your forever Mommy


  1. Great letter. Somewhere, your darling Bear knows about this letter. We had a wonderful little Westie, named Zelda Fitzgerald. As fortune would have it, we found a mate for her named Scott Fitzgerald, and they had five pups: Rosemary, Gatsby, and I’m drawing a blank on the other three — but we gave them names from the novels. She lived a long life and died in my arms.

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