Dear Molly- Happyness wearing a collar,

When i first laid eyes on this scronny 5 month old puppy grandma just adopted, my heart pounded. Telling me this is the dog that will want to be with you always. You gave me this look in your eyes that just let me know how much you need to be loved and to be told there will be another tomorrow. You frolicked through the grass of our front yard like a bunny, hopping and pouncing off the ground with your hind legs. Seeing how excited you were when we through the ball across the yard, and how much effort you put into trying to keep us from catching you with the ball. The good times when you would nibble on our ears and everyone would go inside but me. We played till the sun went down and until you fell asleep in my lap. Scratching you behind your ear until my fingers were sore when you gave me the look telling me not to leave.

I would come back to my grandmas house every weekend. And i enter the room and see that you’ve been expecting me. We would spend so much time together i would forget the time and forget about everything else. You seemed to complete me and fill me with joy. A year has passed and grandma had to leave to a retirement home so you lived with us. On Valentines Day we took you home with us and I introduced you to our dog, kobe, and the rest of our welcoming home. You fit in and felt welcome and relaxed. You slept in a closed pen by the kitchen and I would feed you everyday, play with you everyday, and walk you everyday. And every night i would wake up around midnight just to sneak you in my bed. You’d fall asleep in my arms and I’d wake up to you scratching and pawing at my hand to wake me up.

The years pased and its your 3rd birthday, i made you a doggie cake. Before i could even finish the birthday song you wooffed down half the cake. We had so many good times and just thinking about how you chose me, over the whole family, how you decided this is the owner i will spend the rest of my life with, my bestfriend that will take care of me and pet me when i need to be loved. And to this day i hold you in my arms with your heart close to mine, and i tell you how much i love you, you just lick my face telling me you love me too. On those days I cry, you come up to me and stare right through me and feel my emotions, and lick my face telling me that its going to be ok. Our friendship gets stronger everyday we’re together. And i love you for the scronny little dog you are.

With all my heart and soul, forever and always will you be my little angel I Love You,
Kathy Schmitt


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