Mending two broken hearts ~ making a forever home

To my Beautiful Kira,

My big brave girl, my silly Millie, my smiley face, my best friend!

Ten weeks before I rescued you, my heart was broken, my life shattered. Having lost my fiance/best friend to cancer after a long and difficult struggle, the days following were a blur of darkness.

In the months before you rescued me, your life had gone from pampered puppy to a teenager dumped in a high kill shelter. Though you were lucky enough to catch the eye of a rescue that had room for you, you spent the next 6 months in a kennel. Your days lonely and your nights afraid. Always watching as one by one those kenneled around you found their forever families. None taking you home.

The day we met the temperature was almost 100 degrees. Still a chance to walk with you was joyful. Happiness for that moment ~ a long country road, worthy of many places to stop and sniff all that could not be seen from the kennel. How you loved the opportunity to ride in the back seat of my air conditioned car!

Once home, you were scared but put on a brave face and opened your heart. You never left my side as we explored your new home and neighborhood. Once home, I was scared, but put on a brave face, and opened my heart to the love you brought back into my home.

We have taught each other so much since that day. The most important being that two broken hearts can learn to trust again. With the trust comes immeasurable happiness and love.

Thank you my sweet girl for trusting me! Together you and I have made a forever home.

Loving you always ~ your Mom



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