Letter to my Buddy

The moment my daughter Hope and I saw you at the Humane Society, I felt like you weren’t for us. I was showing my daughter after the devastation of Katrina, there were dogs out there that had been shipped from New Orleans for homes. I had intentions of only going to the Humane Society to make a small donation and just see some of the Katrina dogs.

Well low and behold there you were my sweet buddy. My daughter and I left the humane society without adopting you, on the way back home my daughter Hope said “I think Buddy is meant to be with us, he’s our doggy soulmate”. I continued to call the humane society to see if you were still available.

The next weekend I went to the humane society and adopted you. You were completely blind and heartworm positive, but you came to us immediately and I remember watching you chasing Dominick around and biting his ankles. lol

The next year I sat with you during your heartwork treatments, that was hard, you were truly so sick and you literally laid your head on my lap for two days straight. From that day on you were connected to me, “momma’s boy”. You follow me everywhere.

Four year ago I had to have one of your eyes removed due to the pressure forming behind his eye. That decision was a difficult one, I knew I need to do the best. You came through it with flying colors.

You are getting up there now, you are 10 1/2 and your health isn’t the greatest with all the health issues you have had. I waiver whether you are having the greatest quality of life. I am trying to make your last day as happy as I can.

Since, I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2007 you have laid next to me when I’m not feeling good, never asked for anything other than my companionship. I think you always knew when I just needed you there, when I sick, even though you were never well yourself.

I will never have a doggy that has meant more to me than you. You have touched our lives and taught me such a valuable lesson, that no matter what physical limitations one can have, you still can put on a happy face (wagging tail). I will forever be thankful for you Buddy, because you are my best friend truly!


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