Just perfect

At twelve years old I lost the dog I had grown with since birth. Upon losing her I felt I could never love like that again. My life was empty. I felt abandoned, alone, and miserable.

Four years pass and I still felt the same hole in my chest from her loss, but knew I had to do something to mend the wound. Knowing I could never fill that gap, I began my search.

Scrolling through classifieds on Tuesday night May 3rd, 2011, I came across an ad. “Free male husky mix”. I immediately contacted your owners and went to meet you later that night. I arrived and you were right there, in my face to greet me with your over-sized tongue. I held you up and instantly fell in love and brought you home.

Your first night home you piddled and puked on the floor, chewed on the cats and destroyed everything you could sink your teeth into. You looked so proud of yourself, looking up at me smiling with your tongue always hanging out of the side of your mouth. I couldn’t get mad at you.

The next morning and every morning after, I wake up with giant paws on my throat and a tongue covering my face. Every morning I know I’m complete.

You made me whole when there were pieces missing. You’ve done more for me than I could ever do for you. You’re just perfect. I love you, Blitz.


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