Dear Kokoi,

Dear Kokoi,

I think of you everyday…

A year ago today, we gave you up. It was the most painful decision I had ever made. I can still recall the day when we left. We asked our neighbor to look after you but you gave chase to the car as we left and I can see you looking desperate, as if you were begging us to take you and you were probably wondering what you did wrong and why we left you. My dear Kokoi, we love you so very much and I’m sorry we had to leave you. It is hard to explain to you all the financial difficulties we were going through and that the place that has been your home for so many years has been taken away from us. I tried to check with neighbors about you but they said that you had ran away and they don’t know where you are. I cry everyday, Kokoi. I worry about you. But I also pray everyday. I pray that if you are still alive that you have a place to sleep and be warm, food to eat and somebody who loves and cares for you. And I also pray that if you are gone that you went in peace and have forgiven us for abandoning you. I pray that one day we’ll see each other again. I think about you everyday, Kokoi and right now that we are a thousand miles away from where you might be, I can’t help but think of you ….and miss you even more.


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