Dear Maddie, Madly,

Dear Maddie,

Soft and sweet, endless kisses. Chocolate brown eyes that peer into my heart and soul. You make me grin and giggle at the thought of you. Though I tell you I love you a thousand times a day, do you know how much?

You are cuddled next to me, yet far away softly snoring in a joyous dream land. Are you running in a wide open field of freshly cut grass lined with daffodils and daisies? Are you playing your favorite game of hide n’ seek with a scrumptous bone? Are we strolling care free down the sidewalk on a cool, sunny day under a cloudless sky? Am I rubbing your belly and soothing you to a peaceful slumber? You are the most beautiful dog in the world. Floppy, fuzzy ears, swooshing,swaying spaniel fanny. You snuggle, stretch, nuzzle, sink into the pillows content. All is right with the world. We have this moment in time to share and hold sacred. With all my love. Namaste

Posted by Lisa More


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