Dear Maggie,

When I see You, I see Love. I see your white, fluffy face and deep brown eyes and the way your head tilts to the side when You look at me. You look at me with such tenderness and with an unspoken language shared between us. You read me, and I read You. It is simply beautiful . . . You are simply beautiful and definitely a Blessing from God.

I remember when I took You to an Assisted-Living Home in Mississippi. How You rushed inside to share all of your love and all of yourself with others You had yet to meet! You never met a stranger; rather, You greeted everyone as if they were your oldest and dearest friends’ a true Christian example. You would kiss all of the women, let them pet and embrace You, and spread smiles and laughter wherever You roamed. You had a special affinity for one woman in particular. She was virtually wheelchair bound and had not spoken in over a year. However, every time You saw her, You would race to greet her, lick her from head to toe, and then snuggle in her lap. Oh, how the woman smiled to have You near her! It wasn’t long, less than two months of You visiting with her, and she began to speak again. You brought her the joy, the love, and the strength she needed to find her voice again.

You have also helped me to find mine. As your adopted Mama, there is nothing that I or your Da Da wouldn’t do for You. The first summer your Da Da and I had You, we spent over two thousand dollars getting You well and keeping You well. We discovered that You were born in a puppy mill and then first adopted by a young lady who had no idea what it takes to raise a Family. I know You were neglected by her and have health ramifications stemming from your puppyhood, but all of that is behind You now. Even though You are allergic to grains, normal proteins, bananas, nuts, grass, pollen, ragweed, dust, hay, and other natural allergens, we seem to have You on the right track to staying healthy. Hopefully, You have seen the last of six weeks on antibiotics and steroids for hot spots that won’t go away and infections that are serious due to these allergies as now You are on a special diet and a special routine. Just think how healthy You have been these past two years, HUGE, HUGE BLESSINGS! However, all of your past health problems and the knowledge your Da Da and I have gleaned about puppy mills and neglected, abused, and homeless pets have helped me to find my own voice and to channel it to help those who are disenfranchised, those who are voiceless. That is why Mama volunteers to help the Humphreys County Humane Society. The Humphreys County Humane Society tries to help all Pets who have had a difficult or bad pasts like yours find good Forever Families to love them like we love You.

We LOVE You, Madison Magnolia Odle. You are the example I hope to follow and the Best Friend who loves unconditionally. THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving me, for loving others, and for showing me how to love like You do.

We Love You!
Mama and Da Da


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