Dear Blackie,

Dear Blackie,

I never thought that we would grow old together. When we got you 10 years ago, I was 55. We were retired and moved up to the Berkshires for good. We got our first house and you, our first dog. You were a little bundle of black fur in a box with your sisters and brothers. We bought you for 25 dollars from the farmer whose dog had just had pups. We took you home and stopped at Walmart for a crate, and there you spent your first night with us. With a stiff upper lip you slept through your first night away from your sisters and brothers with barely a whimper. Surprisingly enough you were already housebroken because your Mom dog taught you when you grow up on a farm, you only go to the bathroom outdoors on grass, not in the hay stack with your family!

What a mix you were. The vet said you were mostly lab, with terrier mixed in. Your lab side made you sweet and loving while the terrier impulse made you excitable and a little wild. You also had some chow in you, and hence your black tongue. We took you to dog school to calm down the terrier side, but you only graduated with a “most improved” certificate. As the years went by, your barking and jumping on people subsided. Now you just lie by my side and mostly sleep, with your big beautiful eyes shut.

We always laugh about how you exhibit the “Stockholm syndrome”. You love anyone who takes charge of you. You even lick the vet to death. You love any groomer and you love your dogsitter. A thief could grab you and you would lick his face. You can’t help it, you’re full of love and only want to share it.

With the children gone and our empty nest, your unconditional love is very appreciated. Retirement is sweet when I can just sit and smell the flowers and hug my warm bundle of fur. But the clock is ticking Blackie, for me and for you. I’m going to get medicare now and I feel old. I guess you do too.

I don’t know what I will do without you but I won’t think about that now. I’d just like to thank you for all you’ve given me and for the happiest years of my life.

Love, Mom


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