Dear Chula,

I’ll never forget your jail photo on Petfinder. Dirty scrawny silver Husky face behind bars.The description said you were one of the emaciated dogs they’ve ever seen.The day we went to meet you, there you were curled up in a ball on the cement floor. You glanced up as we approached you kennel then put your head abck down as if to say ” I now you’re not here for me. When we brought you outside, you didn’t even acknowledge our existance you just sniffed around the grass and wandered about.We took you back in and asked to see another dog, He was just the opposite toooo hyper. So we took you out again and as we were talking with the woman at the shelter, trying to decide, suddenly you leaned your body up against my Husband’s leg and you were ours. You slept with your head on my lap all the way home.

While some of the emotional scars of your unknown past never left you, in time you bloomed into a beautiful amazing animal.
While a husky’s constant quest for freedom leads many a husky owner to abandon their dogs, it only endeared you to me more. I will always remember the way you’d meander through the gate someone had left open, and when I would call you back you would stop, turn, and give me this sideways smile that said ” you’ve got to be kidding me, c’mon lets RUN!” then take off like lightning. That look stays with me to this day.
For eight years you were my constant companion. Then one October night I was woken by the sound of what I thought was you eating the pigeon we were rehabbing. I ran down the stairs yelling Chula no Chula NO, but instead found you convulsing on the floor. Many tests and many seizures later, we had to accept the fact that you had a brain tumor. Four months later, exactly, eight years and one day after you adopted us, you were gone.
It’s been nearly two years now and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Losing you left a hole in my life that can never be filled. you were one in a million. Run like the wind Chula lu run like the wind.


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