Dear Chewbacca – My Fantastic Foster


On Mother’s Day, 2009, I was told that a new foster was to arrive at my house later in the day. I had been fostering Miniature Schnauzers for just five months before you ended up at my door. When you first arrived, you were weary of a new environment, but you quickly adjusted. Your previous owners became sick and could no longer care for you; I bet you miss them greatly. I was informed that you were ten years old, with your eleventh birthday coming up the following October. I was ecstatic to foster a “senior” dog, as I have a soft spot for the older dogs, like yourself. You sure didn’t act ten; you played about the house and ran the yard as if it were all yours. Although you took a liking to pottying in my parent’s closet, I had your back and cleaned the messes before they noticed (usually).

In February of 2010, I received your very first application for adoption! I was thrilled; what bittersweet news. After doing the home visit for your new family and approving them for your adoption, you went off to your furever home.

Just two months later, your owners got ahold of the Schnauzer rescue and informed us that you had developed cancer in your front left paw. I was shocked; I prayed for your recovery nearly every day. After an exceptional amount of treatment, your owners came to the rescue with a problem: they could no longer afford to properly care for you. I was devastated; you had been through so much and this was terrible news.

Thankfully, I was between fosters at the time, and I was able to take you back into my home to foster you and help you through further treatment. Early July, 2010, your veterinarian advised me that he would have to remove your toe where the cancer was most prevalent. After the big surgery, you came home to recover comfortably. Later in the month, after a recheck by the vet, we learned that your cancer was GONE, but there was a terrible infection resulting from the removal of your toe. The doctor decided that the best route to take was to remove your front left leg.

Shortly after this surgery, you were out running in the yard, playing with other dogs, and loving life, cancer and pain free! Just last month, you turned thirteen, and yet you’re just as spunky as the day I met you nearly three years ago.

Chewie, you have taught me so much about persistence, strength, and optimism. You have shown me that no matter what life hands you, hold your head high and keep fighting. I am so grateful to have you as a foster and for the love you have shown me through your darkest of times. I love you, Chew!

Your foster mum,
Chelsea Fournier


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