And then there were four….

As if I were looking for another dog…..I fell in love with Herman from the first moment I saw him on our ASPCA Las Vegas web site. Angel, our mean Chiuhuahua just turned eleven, Sitka and Shiloh our Huskies were each nearly seven. Herman is a twelve year old Senior Chihuahua with cataracs and minus ten teeth that I first saw on the ASPCA website here in Vegas. I stopped by to drop by a Petsmart Gift Card as a donation. I simply asked to meet Herman.

After ten seconds of holding Herman, a very humble, black and grey petite Chihuhua who was left off in a rabbits cage six months ago after the prior owner said if you don’t take him, I’m going to set him free into the street… I took our picture and sent it to my boyfriend, Rick. “Rick, you really need to meet Herman”. The next day we took our pack of three and meet Herman in the Lobby for the “Meet and Greet”. That was four weeks ago. Herman, you have no idea of how you rescued me. While we taught you how to climb stairs, eat baby carrots and bananas, sleep in a giant bed with humans and all about dog parks, you’ve changed my life forever.

Love you Herman.

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