Dear A True Angel,

First of all I want to say “thank you God for sending an angel to watch over me”. Sebastian you have given me the strength each day to hold my head high. To be able to continue my life with happiness. When you came along I was at my worst. One day my husband told me that he saw a friend from our church. She had a box of bassethound puppies.

He knew for 20 years that I had always wanted one to add to our family. My husband and I could never have children, so Sebastian would surely fit right in. I have a grown son but, it’s been 16 years since I’ve seen him. Sebastian you have given me joy, companionship, laughter, and an unconditional love that only an angel could give. I truly believe that an angel comes in all shapes, sides, and colors. You just happen to have 4 legs and a wagging tail. Thank you for just being what you are, “my best friend”. Never asking why, only showing how much I am loved by you.. thank you forever.
Sincerely your Mom


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