Dear Blackie (My Best Friend),

My beautiful Blackie,

Words can’t describe how much I miss you. You were the most wonderful friend a twenty year old girl could have.

I remember the day you came home, I was just a little girl and you were a puppy at heart. My Mom (your Mom) had gotten you from our vet’s adoption program. I had never had a dog before. We played all day. I knew I loved you from the start. The first night you came home, we were having tacos for dinner. My Dad (your Dad) had gotten up to get something and without hesitation, you jumped in his chair and ate his tacos. That’s when everyone knew you were meant to stay in our home.

I have many amazing memories with you. You always knew when someone was upset, and you hated to see people argue. You stood up for a person when you thought they were being picked on. You were such a wonderful companion.

I didn’t know you had cancer. You were so brave and strong, you gave me no signs that you were sick. You spent your last days the way you spent your last years, playful and sweet. I’ll never be able to explain the amount of joy and peace you brought to me. You got along with cats so well. Patches and Abbie were your siblings. And when we brought home the kittens, you loved them, and they loved you. They thought you were a big cat! I love you with all of heart Blackie and I always will.

Your best friend,


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