Dear Hontas, A forever missed & loved family member…

Dear Hontas,

I miss you. I wasn’t ready to see you go- I honestly know I would have never been ready but God knew it was your time. I am still trying to realize that was what had to be done. I knew we couldn’t let you live your life in pain so we had to do what was best for you and put you out of the pain. Don’t think one minute I am all sad. I am sad yes but also, I am happy. You’re at Rainbow Bridge! You don’t have any pain, you’re joyful and carefree like the puppy you once were!

We got you when I was about two and half. I have been told we got you from the McDonald’s drive-thru. Did I get the coolest toy or what? I don’t remember what it was like to not have you in my life until August 2011. The 23rd of every month since August has killed me. It’s just one more month I have lived without you. You are missed and still just as loved as you were by many people who knew you. You have such a huge place in my heart and that place will always and forever be your’s.

I want to tell you about Sam. Sam is somebody very special to me. I wish you could have meet him baby girl, he makes me so happy! Sam has personally helped and is still helping me get through your passing. Sam of course knows everything about you. How you were the best dog in the whole entire world. I love that boy, he’s a keeper for sure.

I remember when you would sit and just listen to me talk about my problems or just life in general like you knew exactly what I was saying. I’d hug you close and just cry about what was going on. I still did this until our very last moment together. I’ll never forget life with you and all the memories we share that are close to at heart and mind they’ll stay there forever. I love you with all my heart Hontas, all of my heart.

Love and miss you always,


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