Dear My Protector,

Dear Walter,

When I saw your face on the death row dog postings, I knew you were the dog for me. Your eye tumor, bad leg, old age, and matted fur didn’t deter me, nor the seven hour drive between us. The soul and sadness in your eyes settled inside of me on a heavy shackle, forever, without even having met you. When I saw that you had four days to live, I couldn’t let that be. You lived for too long in an unhappy place. You deserved to be loved and have a family, even though I didn’t know your age or if you were sick. If I only had you for a day, you would have left the world with a family and someone that loved you, and that was enough for me to get in the car and make that long drive.

Lucky for us, it has been almost two years since I rescued you. I still don’t know how to repay you for bringing me back to the world. Your love revived my creativity, my motivation, and my enthusiasm for life. Rehabilitating you rehabilitated me. For one year you were patient with me as you slowly learned to be unafraid of men, beds, car rides, vet visits, brushes, baths, and nail clippings. As you learned to socialize with local trips to the pet store, everyone we met fell in love with you, and thanked me for rescuing you. It has only been my pleasure.

I thank you for trusting me enough to give you a new life, what I hope is your best life. I love watching you sit happily in the yard or sleeping on your dog bed. I love bringing home a new stuffed animal and watching you kill the squeaker and lick the stuffed animal back to health. My favorite is watching you snuggle with your furry siblings, or the rare moment you join them for a romp in the yard.

I love you, Walter, all the days of your life, and all the days of mine, even on the days before we met, because deep inside, we are meant to be together. Thank you for living here. Thank you for unconditional love.

I’ll love you forever.



  1. Jey says:

    What a wonderful dog mommy and human being you are. This made me cry and I only wish there were more people on this planet like you & treated their pets like you. I’m so happy for Walter and I wish you and he nothing but many more times of joy!

  2. Kristy says:

    What a selfless act of kindness you did for Walter that day. I’m glad to know you were able to give him the home he deserves. I too share a similiar story of a maimed and tortured dog that I rescued. She’s an American Staffordshire Mix (Pit Bull) she was found thrown from a pit bull ring because she wouldn’t fight well enough. After several years of rehabilitation, just like Walter I too go through the lighting/thunder issues, loud noises, sudden movement, strange toys, unfamiliar people (especially men which she doesn’t like)…she has turned into a special dog who only trusts me. I’m glad we rescued each other just like you and Walter found happiness together. I would love for you to take a look at my “letter to my dog” which is the only AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG story on this site so far…his name is Taz “My Shadow” Please read…and I would love for you to leave a reply…let me know what you think about my hero.

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