Dear Chloe,

I still remember the first time I saw you. Your little paws were so small, you kept slipping through the grate in your kennel at the pet store. I had no intention of getting a dog that day, but as I passed the window, I couldn’t walk away without you. From the beginning I loved you so much. You brought so much happiness to my life. Your Ewok ears, the way you love to sit still while the wind blows in your face, your cute bunny-hop style of running, soft throaty bark. You loved to run to anyone else in the room when I would call you, and sit on their lap and stare in my direction knowing that I wanted to hold you. You were always a little mischief maker, but always a joy and never a burden.

A couple of years ago you had surgery on your back and really your life hasn’t been the same. I admire how you have never given up on trying to walk. Or the fact that you still seem content even though you need help just to get to your water bowl. You are still not a burden. Now, you’re turning 18 and you no longer look to be in someone else’s lap. You want to be held by your mommy. You need me more than ever before and you still bring so much happiness to my life. You continue to make me smile and I am enjoying the closeness, though I wish for you that you still had your independence. I know at heart you are just a little free spirit who wants to run and play like she used to.

Thank you for making so many amazing moments in my life. I love you so much.


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