Dear The Best Beastie There is,

Dear Charlie, our beloved beastie,

The state says we rescued you, but in truth you rescued me. I have said to many that I have had dogs share my home for most of my life, but never a guy like you. You taught me to love and laugh more, and to better manage my emotions. You taught your other momma that a dog, just as a child, loves to play and laugh and get cuddles whenever possible.

Your depthless brown eyes are clouded with age now, but still see as brightly as ever. They level an accusing stare when I dare to leave for a few hours to teach and shine when we come home. You have befriended my students, protected us from errant mail carriers and meter readers, and kept us safe from all little-league players who dare wander past.

The best and brightest memory of your time with us thus far was the ‘Great battle of the Gophers of 2004,’ an epic saga to rival that of Homer’s Oddessey.

You, my special beastie, are truly one in a million and the best dog ever.

Love always,



  1. billy says:

    My dog Molly is a rescue and my best companion yet. That includes the two wives I had.

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