Dear Winston,

…For Ever and Ever my Nugget You Will Be

Dear Winston,

You and your chubby nugget face are the most wonderful thing to come home to! You make me smile from the second I walk in the door. Normally my entrance wakes you out of a deep slumber and the look of recognition that crosses your face when you realize it’s me and then spring from your perch to greet me just makes my day!

I swear you understand every word that comes out of my mouth but only choose to listen when you feel like it. How else do you explain how sometimes you appear struck dumb when I ask you to “sit” or “come” yet when I ask you to “scoot over a bit” or “stop stepping on my toe” you follow directions?! Technically this should bother me but personally I find it to be part of your charm. Kind of like how it doesn’t really bother me that you steal my shoes. Since you don’t chew them, but only move them around the house until I offer some sort of attractive trade option, I mostly find it a testament to your genius since you know I will trade you for my precious shoes and also really funny.

It also doesn’t bother me that all of my sweaters on one side of the closet are covered in Winston hair. It may take a little extra effort to de-Winnie myself before leaving the house each day but I just love how your quest to be within five feet of me at all times leads you to hunker down beneath my row of sweaters while I get ready. Seeing your sweet face peeping out from beneath the knitwear makes my heart smile every time.


People often ask me if your snoring bothers me and I have to say that I find it to be a lot like a lullaby. All your snarfling and snorting is just an audible reminder that you are near and I wouldn’t trade that sound for anything. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of annoying, your noises are actually a source of constant entertainment! I’ve even recorded you eating, sleeping and playing and sent it to friends and we all agree: You Sir, are freaking hilarious! You are also the absolute best friend a girl could have! You give the best hugs in the world and the sweet way you turn your face up to get kisses on your nose is so adorable.

There is so much about you that I love! I love that you fall asleep with your tongue sticking out, I love that you are so obsessed with tennis balls that I have to hide them when it isn’t play time, I love that you sneak out of the crook of my leg where you fall asleep and up on top of my pillows while I’m asleep and use my head as a pillow, I love your uncanny sense of direction and that you can high tail it to the front door when I tell you to “run home” (even waiting to be buzzed in the building and taking the elevator to the right floor), I love that you can’t eat peas because they fall out of your cheeks, I love that you eat half of all my meals (you are the best diet!) but above everything else I love your sweet spirit and the joy you bring to my life!

Everybody always remarks on how happy a pup you are and its that joy that makes every bad day better and every good day that much more terrific. Thank you for being you!



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